A Constellation of New ABCmouse Apps for Learning on the Go

September 22, 2017

Over the last several months we’ve been busy creating a series of new ABCmouse mobile apps that complement our main® Early Learning Academy app! This growing constellation of engaging educational content currently includes six apps that offer downloadable ABCmouse content for offline use, making ABCmouse even easier for families to access—no matter where they go. These apps, available at no additional cost to all ABCmouse subscribers, are particularly valuable when Wi-Fi or mobile Internet access is unavailable, such as on a plane, in a car, or in a restaurant.

Organized by academic subject (language arts, mathematics, and science) and activity type (animations, games, and soon books), these apps help children quickly discover and access hundreds of Learning Activities from the ABCmouse curriculum. Parents can also select and assign specific Learning Activities based on targeted curriculum objectives for children to complete in a specially designed Just for Me section of each app. The apps sync to the subscriber’s ABCmouse account whenever the mobile device reconnects to the Internet, so progress is recorded and tickets earned are available for use in the core ABCmouse app.


The apps are now available for download via all major app stores, including the Apple App Store and Google Play:ABCmouse mobile apps

  • Language Arts Animations—Important literacy and language skills come to life with this app that offers nearly 200 learning animations that teach phonics, reading comprehension, grammar, writing, and more!
  • Mathematics Animations—Introduces essential math concepts through engaging characters and storytelling, offering more than 100 animations about addition and subtraction, measurement, geometry, problem solving, and more.
  • Science AnimationsBuilds children’s understanding of science and explains key concepts of physical science, life science, Earth and space science, health, and safety through more than 40 animations.
  • Zoo—Features animations of 15 beloved zoo animals, with hundreds of animal facts and interactive quizzes about animal characteristics, behaviors, habitats, and more.
  • Music Videos—Includes more than 50 animated music videos of classic songs and ABCmouse original children’s songs that teach the alphabet, numbers and operations, shapes, colors, geography, and more!
  • Mastering Math—An adaptive game that builds a strong understanding of fundamental math concepts, using appealing characters and personalized learning pathways to help children achieve mastery through practice. (Due to the adaptive functionality that provides tailored real-time math content for each child based on what they already know and how they are progressing, this app is only accessible while connected to the Internet.)

There’s more to come! We’ll be expanding our constellation of ABCmouse apps throughout the year with additional releases coming soon.