1 Billion and Counting

April 17, 2015

I am delighted to share my thoughts about a major milestone that we recently celebrated at Age of Learning, when a five-year-old boy in Tennessee completed a mathematics learning activity on called Ring It Up.

Why is that worth noting? Because it was the 1,000,000,000th learning activity completed on Yes, that’s one billion with a b.

That’s a big number, but what’s most important is what it represents. Ever since we launched, our goal has been to help children learn. More specifically, we set out to “help children build a strong foundation for future academic success.” And our commitment to that goal is stronger than ever—we are hard at work expanding our curriculum and creating new ways to “Bring Learning to Life” for children throughout the U.S. and around the world.

Providing highly engaging, curriculum-focused learning resources to millions of children, families, and teachers is important, but even more important is the impact these resources are having.

We’re reminded of this every day through the sheer volume of feedback messages that we receive from parents and educators—more than one million to date. More formally, the independent research studies we’ve commissioned show that both teachers using in classrooms, and families using at home, are seeing children improve not only in academic readiness, but also in motivation, engagement and self-confidence.

Furthermore, large-scale research studies assessing the effectiveness of have concluded that accelerates learning and helps children make significant gains in phonics, vocabulary, literacy and numeracy. In one such study, children who had regularly used scored more than 50 percent higher on assessments of early reading and math skills than children who had just subscribed.

That’s what the one billion milestone is really about—positive impact on a large scale.

Of course, reaching this milestone represents a considerable effort from our ever-expanding Age of Learning team of professionals. We could never have achieved it without the dedication of our expert Curriculum Board, our highly talented visual artists, designers, writers, editors, composers, musicians, voice-over artists, producers and engineers, not to mention our capable management team. I thank them all for their steadfast commitment to achieving our goals.

Now, on to the next billion!