Award-Winning Children’s Author Helps Kids to Learn to Write Short Stories in The New WordPlay Series!

August 20, 2020

We’re excited to announce the launch of WordPlay, a new video series with award-winning children’s author, Kwame Alexander, launching in our Adventure Academy learning game this September. WordPlay helps young children build a love of reading and become independent storytellers in a fun and engaging format.

Designed by Age of Learning’s team of educational experts, each episode will depict Alexander overcoming common challenges of the storytelling process with the help of his diverse group of friends. When he can’t think of the right word or metaphor, he’ll meet up with American rapper and first hip-hop ambassador to the U.S. State Department, Toni Blackman, who will freestyle a special “word of the day.”

The list of acclaimed guest stars goes on! Others—such as actor and author Maulik Pancholy of 30 Rock and former Vice President of Animated Shorts for Nickelodeon Samantha Berger—will share personal insights into different elements of the storytelling process, such as exposition, character development, or how to use hyperbole or build a sense of mystery in a story.

Host, Creator, and Executive Producer, Kwame Alexander, is an expert in his field. A New York Times bestselling author of 37 books and recipient of the 2015 Newbery Medal for his novel, The Crossover, Alexander’s passion for literature and storytelling is the perfect match for Adventure Academy—a game which teaches through harnessing the power of imagination, discovery, and play. He brings a unique and fun new approach and his expertise in and passion for this subject area helps kids embrace the art of writing and storytelling.

“I know a lot of kids will be reading and writing and learning at home this year, and that’s going to be challenging,” said Alexander. “My 11-year old struggled during the lockdown to stay engaged with her classes and assignments. I created WordPlay as a supplemental learning aid for teachers to engage their students, as an auxiliary experience for kids that is not only informative but incredibly entertaining. Intelligent entertainment. This is a master class in writing…if it was set in a carnival.”

And last but not least, each episode of WordPlay also features “The Pajama Drama Club,” a book club composed of kids that wear pajamas and act out books by performing literary songs and jokes in a theatrical-like production with a beginning, middle, and end.

Keep an eye out this September as episodes begin rolling out within Adventure Academy!