Announcing the Launch of My ABCmouse Classroom Live!

September 23, 2020

With parents and caregivers juggling work and the educational needs of their children, we saw the opportunity to provide a new, safe, and trustworthy learning experience for ABCmouse families. Our goal is to make the home learning experience even more engaging and effective, and we’re excited to introduce a first-of-its-kind learning tool for families: My ABCmouse Classroom Live! Children can now stream daily classes on-demand, led by master teachers who encourage kids to learn, think, draw, exercise, sing, laugh, and more.

As in a real classroom, each week focuses on what curriculum experts call a “Big Idea,” such as community, responsibility, change, communication, and cooperation. Students are thoughtfully instructed in reading, math, social studies, and science explorations tied to each week’s Big Idea.

Each daily class encompasses more than an hour of high-quality, engaging, concentrated learning as part of an expertly designed curriculum that addresses standards-based educational objectives. After a teacher-student video segment, students complete independent learning activities including interactive games, art, puzzles, and offline activities.

“At a time when it’s more critical than ever to support children’s individual learning at home, My ABCmouse Classroom Live! meets kids and their parents in the moment with these valuable classes,” said Paul Candland, CEO of Age of Learning. “Experienced teachers make it feel like real in-classroom instruction, right in the home, and their expertly designed classes follow the pattern that young children are used to in school.”

My ABCmouse Classroom Live! is available for free exclusively on the ABCmouse mobile app.

Visit to learn more about this interactive, structured, daily learning experience designed to help children learn independently at home.