Age of Learning Launches ABCmouse Assessment Center to Help Families Evaluate School Readiness

April 22, 2016

Yesterday we released an unprecedented, comprehensive analysis of Kindergarten Readiness standards across all 50 states. Now we are thrilled to share news of another empowering Kindergarten Readiness resource that we are making available to families and caregivers. Based on the common standards identified in our Kindergarten Readiness Report, we have developed an in-depth Kindergarten Readiness assessment, which parents can use with the Early Learning Academy curriculum to help better prepare children for kindergarten. Available in a new ABCmouse Assessment Center, the easy-to-use Kindergarten Readiness assessment was developed with guidance from the leading education and assessment research organization SRI International, and from the independent research institution NORC at the University of Chicago.

Academic areas covered in the assessment include Language, Literacy, and Math—domains in which 100 percent of the 50 states have established specific Kindergarten Readiness standards.



ABCmouse Assessment Center features include:

  • ABCmouse Assessment Center Kindergarten ReadinessA comprehensive preschool academic skills assessment, composed of 11 Language, Literacy, and Math skills that can be taken as one assessment, or as 11 individual assessments
  • A comprehensive kindergarten academic skills assessment, composed of 12 Language, Literacy, and Math skills that can be taken as one assessment or as 12 individual assessments
  • Customized lessons targeted to help a child improve in specific skill areas identified by the assessments for further practice
  • Unlimited access to the assessments for up to three children, including tracking for each child on comprehensive academic skills assessments, as well as on individual reading, oral language, and math skills
  • A user-friendly interface with clear, color-coded tables, charts, and graphs that present and illustrate assessment results