Back Early Learning Academy Ages Up with New Comprehensive 1st Grade Curriculum

January 21, 2016

Since we first launched ABCmouse, parents and teachers have eagerly asked us when we’d be growing beyond kindergarten. Today we are excited to announce a significant expansion of our award-winning Early Learning Academy: the addition of a comprehensive supplementary 1st grade curriculum with more than 2,000 new learning activities and a new 1st grade classroom experience. With this new launch, ABCmouse now offers more than 650 lessons and 7,000 standards-based activities.

The 180 new 1st grade lessons comprise two new levels (7 and 8) of the Step-by-Step Learning Path and cover five academic subjects: English language arts, math, social studies, science, and health. Tailored specifically to align with state curriculum standards and the learning needs and interests of 1st graders, the engaging content features hundreds of new fiction and nonfiction books, a set of 50 stepped readers, and an all-new series of learning videos starring a cast of fascinating and fun animated characters.

Age of Learning Curriculum Board member Kimberly Oliver Burnim offered her perspective on the expansion of ABCmouse: “The ABCmouse 1st grade curriculum is bursting with rich activities that will keep children deeply engaged in and excited about learning. It is an ideal resource for teachers and parents to help children build essential skills and knowledge for 1st grade.”

Families can visit, Apple’s iTunes Store, the Google Play Store, or the Amazon Appstore now to subscribe to ABCmouse and have unlimited access to all 7,000+ activities, including 1st grade, on all compatible devices: desktop and laptop computers, iPad and Android tablets, and smartphones.