ABCmouse Assessments Developed in Collaboration with NORC at the University of Chicago Are Helping Drive Meaningful Gains in Literacy and Math

April 19, 2018

Since Age of Learning’s founding more than a decade ago, we’ve consistently worked with leading education experts to inform the development of our instructional and assessment tools. In addition to our Curriculum Advisory BoardSRIWestEd, and many others, we’ve been collaborating with NORC at the University of Chicago since 2015 to develop and validate a series of ABCmouse Assessments for preschool- through 2nd grade-age children.

After a child completes an ABCmouse Assessment, they’re presented with a series of recommended ABCmouse Learning Activities personalized to the child’s specific learning needs. The data show that children who complete this assessment and instructional cycle increase their scores on key literacy and math skills by an average of 25–30%!

We’ve now developed thousands of ABCmouse Assessment items and children have completed more than one million assessments. These include our Kindergarten Readiness Assessment, which enables parents to gauge the 13 early literacy and math skills that 85% or more U.S. states have specified children should acquire before entering kindergarten.

NORC has been integral to this work, analyzing a large pool of assessment responses to validate—and to measure and improve the reliability of—each ABCmouse Assessment. We look forward to continuing our work with NORC and expanding these capabilities to help accelerate learning.